In-service Master’s Programs

Institute of Public Affairs Management (In-service Master’s Programs) Curriculum Map

Required credits: 42                                          



Compulsory Courses

  • Research Methods(3)
  • Public Affairs and Management(3)
  • Ethics and Conflict(2)
  • Master Thesis(6)

Core Course

Group A:(Choose 1)

  • Public Policy Analysis(3)
  • Public Economics(3)

Group B:(Choose 1)

  • Quantitative Data Analysis And Writing(3)
  • Qualitative Data Analysis And Writing(2)

Elective Course

Group APublic Governance &Decision Science

  • Network and Collaborative Governance(2)
  • Program Evaluation(2)
  • Crisis Management(2)
  • Performance Management(2)
  • Public Finance and Budget(2)
  • Development Economics(2)
  • Administrative Law(2)
  • Laws and Public Affairs(2)
  • Institutional Economics(2)
  • Public Participation and Deliberative Democracy(3)
  • Organizational Behavior and Management(2)

Group B: Urban and Environmental Management

  • Place Management(2)
  • Studies Of Urban Spatial Form(2)
  • Town Development and Environmental Changes(2)
  • Regional Development and Policy(3)
  • Recreation Planning(2)
  • Business and Government(2)
  • Urban Planning and Design(2)
  • Urban Disaster Management(2)
  • Sustainability Of Global Enterprise(3)
  • Sustainable Development and Green Management(3)
  • Environment and Resources Management(2)

Group C:Third Sector Management and Community Development

  • Building Community and Local Revitalization(2)
  • Social Marketing(2)
  • Gender, Organization and Management(2)
  • Media and Public Affairs(2)
  • Seminar in Nonprofit Organization Management(2)
  • Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility(2)
  • Accountability and Performance Evaluation in The Third Sector(2)
  • Community Governance(2)
  • Democratic Governance(2)


  • Special Topics in Public Affairs Management(1)
  • Case Studies in Public Management PracticeI(2)
  • Case Studies in Public Management PracticeII(2)
  • Seminar in Emerging Public Issues(2)