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Assistant Professor Chang,Chiung-ting





  • PhD in Environmental Economics and Management, York University (UK)

  • M.A., Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

  • B.A., Department of Economics, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)


  • Climate change adaptation

  • Flood risk management

  • Economic development

  • Happiness studies


  • Public economics

  • Development economics

  • Environmental and resources management (co-coordinated with Prof. Sampui Lam)

Current position

Assistant Professor at the Institute of Public Affairs Management, National Sun Yetsan University, 2013 -



A  Peer-reviewed academic journal

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CBook chapter

  1.  van Dam, A.A., Chang, C.T., Denny, P. & Hes, E. (2009) Training Workbook Module 1: Wetlands and Water Resources Management. In: Ojei, T., I. Gevers & E. Koopmanschap (eds.) Training workbook on wetland management and livelihoods. Wetlands International, Ede, The Netherlands.


A  Project coordination

  1. Academia Sinica (Taiwan), Sub-project II: Integrating social dimension into the development model: A capital method, Taiwan Sustainable Transition Model, principal investigator, 2013-2015

  2. Water Management Inspectorate (The Netherlands), Project on enforcement improvement using water accounting and environmental trading, principal investigator, 2007

BProject participation

  1. EU FP7, Producing a shared vision on how to harness Research & Development for Sustainable Development (VISION), 2010-2011 (researcher).

  2. NWO (The Netherlands), Vulnerability, Adaptation, Mitigation, and Adaptation-Mitigation for Climate Change, Synthesis project, 2009-2010 (researcher).

  3. Environmental Protection Agency (Taiwan), Adaptation for Climate Change in Taiwan, 2009-2010 (researcher).

  4. China Technical Consultants, Inc. (Taiwan), Adaptation for Climate Change, 2008 (researcher).

  5.  Water Management Inspectorate (The Netherlands), Project on enforcement improvement using water accounting and environmental trading, 2007 (principal investigator).

  6. WWF and Mekong River Commission, Project on Roads and Floods in the Mekong (Vietnam and Cambodia), 2006-7 (researcher).

  7. Environment Agency (The UK), Project on potential of tradeable permit on flood management in England, 2005 (consultant).