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Associate Professor Peng,Yen-wen


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  • Ph.D., School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University, USA (2004).

  • MS, Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, Taipei (1998). 

  • BA, Department of Journalism, National Cheng-Chi University, Taipei (1993)



Public Affairs Management, Third Sector Management; Gender and Management, Environmental Planning and Decision Making; Qualitative Analysis


Research interests

public participation, collaborative governance, gender and politics, gender and management, interpretative policy analysis, urban and community development


Publications (2007~)

(A) Journal articles

Written in English

  1. Dafydd Fell and Yen-Wen Peng 2016. “The Electoral Fortunes of Taiwan’s Green Party.” Japanese Journal of Political Science, 17(1): 63-83.
  2. Yen-Wen Peng 2007. “Buying Sex: Domination and Difference in the Discourses of Taiwanese Piao-ke.” Men and Masculinities, 9(2): 315-336.

Written in Chinese

  1. Yen-Wen Peng, Yu-Ching Juang, Hsin-Pei Ho, 2016. Women’s Participation in Science and Technology: Comparison of Statistics between Taiwan and EU. Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine, 22: 225-74.

  2. Yen-Wen Peng and Mong-Yu Tu, 2014. “An exploration on Women’s Participation and Representation in Environmental Groups.” Journal of Gender Equality Education,66: 23-31

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  4. Yen-Wen Peng 2012. “The Challenges to Information Disclosure Practice: Reflections on the Shihmen Reservoir Catchment Conservation and Management Project.” Taiwan Democracy Quarterly, 9(4): 141-90.

  5. Yen-Wen Peng 2012. “Bureaucrats as Facilitators in the Community Building Process: Lessons from the Genbee River Regeneration Case of Japan.” Community Development Journal Quarterly, 140: 291-99.

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 (B) Book or Book Chapters

Written in English

 Yen-Wen Peng, 2015. “Gendering Policy Analysis? The Problems and Pitfalls of Participatory ‘Gender Impact Assessment’.” In Yu-Ying Kuo (ed.), Policy Analysis in Taiwan. Ch.6, pp.81-94. Bristol, UK: Policy Press.

Written in Chinese

  1.  Yen-Wen Peng 2013. “Toward Postmodern Feminism: Deconstructing the Duralist Debate over Prostitution.” Richard R-C Hwang ed., Symposia on Theories. Taipei: AsiaWorld. pp.251-76.

  2. Yen-Wen Peng and Chin-Pei Tseng 2012. “Water Governance and Public Participation: the case of the Shihmen Reservoir Catchment Conservation and Management Project.” Water Resources: Technology and Life Politics. Hsinchu: National Chiao Tung University Press. Pp. 156-82.

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  5. Chilik Yu, Yen-Wen Peng, Wen-Jong Juang, Wen-Ling Tu, and Tzw-Luen Lin 2008. The Politics of Public Issues. Taipei: Bestwise Co., Ltd.